Thursday, August 15, 2013


I was browsing Buzzfeed when I came across this post about some girl code wisdom.

Sometimes I feel there's a whole lot of girl-on-girl hatred and drama and most of the time it's related to or about boys. Not to say that all us girls just come to blows because boys are the only thing on our minds. But I can recount several situations where other women (particularly in the workplace) have tried to one-up, slut-shame, belittle and fight with or against other girls because there is a man nearby or because they think it shows a kind of strength to their male peers.I have always had a little contempt for women who rebel against chauvinists yet are still grown up mean girls.

And do not get me started on slut-shamers. Those bitches can sit down. So when I came across this post a few things filled me with the warm fuzzies.

Now let's talk about how much some boys can piss me off. I am not a naturally pretty girl. I got massive thighs and I'll always be carrying a little extra weight. Saying that I have come to love my body shape, curves are all kinds of amazing. Since I do not bring much to the party in terms of natural beauty and an amazing bod, I try and compensate in other ways. I dress well and I do my hair and make-up. I try to achieve a different look daily. This compared to girls who just wear tshirts and jeans and loose hair seems to guys like I am high-maintenance. I am not. I have got this shit down to an art and can get ready in 15 minutes. I just like to take a little extra time and effort with my appearance. It's basically like playing grown-up dress up and I am sick of being told I have too much time on my hands or look like a lot of work.

When I bring up stuff like the above, I get called crazy. Actually because all girls have a level of crazy - as do a lot of guys deep down - we all get labelled as insane. Sometimes we just have a little bit which most of us sane ones hide until you love us loads and won't leave us ;)

But enough ranting, here is probably the best bit of wisdom I got out of this post. Ain't that the truth.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh! 

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  1. guys are also crazy, though I must admit relating to this post is difficult... i think whilst being an insane axe murderer is great for small talk at cocktail parties, possibly not the best for meeting normal people.

    I think you have to realistically reach the stage in life where you realise that rescuing homeless cats and knitting may be the answer, with a nice cup of Tetley's Tea (which is now available at PnP).

    You could also cheer up a bit.. ;)

    btw - you need to resize the "Guys tell me..." gif to Large (just click it in the editor and select Large cause it is wrapping really weird)


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