Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Apartment Therapy

One of my biggest motivators to work and to work hard (because sadly they are different things) is that one day I want to buy myself a little cottage. And by buy I mean I want to save for that deposit (because there is no way I can do more than that in one go) all on my own. No parents helping me, no trust fund from a distant relative, no rich boyfriend or husband. I want to work hard and do this myself.  On a side note, I don't have any disdain for all those other reasons, I would probably still accept all of them if I needed to, but this one is about me.

I want to buy my own little place before I marry Michael Fassbender and we have to split our time between his acting career in Hollywood and my writing career around the globe. Because I'm gonna be a best-selling author and on tour constantly. I want my little place to be a reflection of me and my personality. I want this place to be where I feel happy, where I can lounge, where I can feel safe and where i get my seksi on.

One day. One day.

In my dream first home I want my lounge to be the embodiment of relaxation and comfort. It's the place I'll collapse after a hard day at work or the place I go when I need to entertain the girls and the gays. It's the place I want to go where I watch bad TV with no one talking and judging me. I'll see it as my refuge.

My kitchen needs to look like a cupcake exploded in there. It's no secret I like pretty, sparkly, girlie things but I do know this can be a bit much. So instead little touches can make my dream kitchen come again.

My bedroom is always a funny point for my friends. Whenever I mention my ideas for it they burst out laughing. Why? Because I want my bedroom to be a boudoir of sex. That's right. This is the place where my inner Dita Von Tees comes out (because she's hella sexy amirite?!). This is not the place to chill out and watch Nashville; this is not the place where my fat pants are allowed; this is not the place I nurse my hangovers; this is the place where magic happens. It's about a sexy headboard, it's about candles and a chenille throw and dark purples and gray on the wall.

So I'm just gonna keep on working and dreaming :)

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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  1. Can't wait to visit your dream house - sounds lovely!

  2. Your bedroom sounds amazing - you have the right attitude!

    I had the same dream as you: Buy my own place... on my own. It is that feeling of accomplishment & knowing that you are capable of making your own dreams come true. Keep holding tight to that dream. Your life path will lead you there. xx


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