Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Future Boyfriend Part Fourteen

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Now it seems a lot of girls and guys actually do this thing where they say they don’t want anything for VD; it’s a stupid day. I’m not going to lie to you. The day is over the top but I want something.

Now this is where the easy bit comes in. I am easy. Not like that unless I’ve made my way through happy hour (that will all change when I meet you baby). I like little things. I like handmade things. I like sparkly things. Basically I like presents. So the way I react to a getting a small Snickers is very similar to the way I act when  receive a trip around the world. I am all about celebrating the little things and happy moments in life. Sidebar – this quality will either be endearing when you’re struggling to find some joy or it will be crazy annoying when you want to sulk and I tell you to count your blessings. The best part is we’ll only know once we’re older. It’s an adventure!

So when you and I are celebrating all those fabulous Valentine’s Days in the future, you’ll know that all you need to do to make me happy is give me a homemade card or a single rose or a box of Snickers and I’ll be swooning. But if you ever feel like you want to up the ante on VD then I have put together a list of some great romantic gestures from pop culture. Not trying to scare you or anything but holidays and special occasions with me are gonna blow your mind. You’ll want to be prepared.

Beauty and the Beast

At this point in the movie, Beast wants to do something a little special for Belle. She’s kinda feeling him but he and his boys knows, it’s the grand gesture that really wins the girl or at the very least shows exactly how you feel. So Beast does his research and thinks about what this lady would like; and he produces a libraby for her. As a self-confessed bookworm, there is no other way to drop those panties. Nice one!


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In a flashback, we get to see the extent of how much Ross cares for Rachel. When the poor girl is stood up right before her prom, he does the gallant thing and dresses up in his dad’s suit and gets ready to take her to the prom. Now we all now, that gesture didn’t go exactly as planned and they never went to prom together. Years later though Rachel was deeply touched and much, much later, they end up together for good. Because they’re each other’s lobsters!

Pride and Prejudice

Okay so first Mr Darcy storms in all hot and shit and proposes to Elizabeth Bennet. But he seems to forget that throughout all the time him and her have spent together he’s a big old dick. He thinks she should grateful by the proposal (which in those times, she should) but his way of admitting he loves her (but trying to repress it) fucks everything up. Lately as they get to know each other properly he finds a way to save her family from ill-repute and does a very generous thing. Again, in those times, their reputation was everything. And the best bit is, he doesn’t want any recognition for it. Humble, generous and sexy; 10 points for Mr Darcy.

The Notebook

Noah is one of those great guys who has so many awesome qualities that it’s hard to single out the one. So let’s not. Let’s go through each one of these gestures and marvel at what a great beacon of inspiration he is.
1. He builds Allie her dream house in the hope she’ll come back to him.
2. He knows how much she loves to paint so he creates an artist’s room for her to spend time with her passions.
3. He’s a bird because she’s a bird.
4. When they’re old and she suffers from Alzhemier’s, he checks into the same care home and spends each day reading their story to her in the hope it’ll all come back to her for a few moments when they’re just themselves again.
Noah and Allie forever.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh! 

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  1. I sigh every time he says "If you're a bird, I'm a bird' - I'm such a sucker for romance :)


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