Friday, July 25, 2014

An Update...

...So here are how things are in Canada. Different is not even the word. I've included some pictures of Vancouver throughout the post.

The Job Situation

So there seems to be lots of jobs available in Vancouver. Even more if you are like me and are not picky. At the moment, I am still not used to this whole not working thing and need something to keep me going. I much prefer lounging around all day if I know my bills are paid. So I have exhausted Craigslist and applied for all things my experience allows me to try out for. I also applied for minimum wage jobs as well as junior jobs and many jobs that I have no experience in but that I think I'd be great at.

Canadian employers do not think I'm that great. Or if they do, they are very subtle about it. By subtle I mean, you do not hear any feedback. I am close to 50 job applications in the two weeks I have been here, I have probably heard back from 7. And hearing back sometimes is a phone interview which is a precursor to an actual interview. Getting the actual interview is a whole other ball game. Never ever will I be unappreciative of the simple "Your application has not been successful." automated email. At least that gives me closure.

The only way I handle all of this while remaining positive (because I have literally only been here for 18 days and it's not the worst thing ever) is my years of experience dealing with boys who never get back to me. I have been on many dates with guys where I feel I show off my impressive pop culture knowledge, my amazing jokes (this one's debatable) as well as all my great wife material skills. And then after a few days I hear zilch from the boys. At first I wonder why, why, like seriously why not. I'd date the hell out of me. I have friends and gay guys who would all want a piece of this but not this guy. And then I get super mad at the boy. How dare this simple boy who isn't even that cute reject me. Does he not know how lucky he would have been to have this on his arm. I could have rocked his world. And then I use a lot of four letter words and curse the day he was born. Then I get a little sad and then I realise, screw it, I have other shit to worry about.

So at the moment, I still apply to all jobs and I only spend a few minutes thinking about how the employers are missing out on their one in a million.

The Living Situation

Oh boy, is this a tough one too. I lived in the city in Cape Town and it was everything. I grew up in the suburbs and I can tell you, I belong in a city. I like noise, I like shops and bars and I like walking places, taking cheap taxis, being around people. I don't want gardens, I don't want quiet, I don't want suburbia. I have nothing against it but I feel for a new city, I need to be in the thick of things. Sadly, Vancouver does not want me to be happy.

The places in the centre of town, Downtown, the West End, Coal Harbour, Yale Town, are available. But they cost millions of rands. False, they don't cost that much but when you are unemployed and still thinking in another currency, they seem like the unattainable dream. And the majority of rooms that are available are scary.

A big thing in Vancouver is sharing rooms. There are a lot of colleges and universities so it makes sense. Except when you are 27. Because I ain't got time for that. So that immediately crosses out all the great places in my budget. The ones at the end of my budget are also great, if they were private rooms. Another Vancouver thang is living rooms, i.e. people sleeping in living rooms. It's so common to view a great room and find out that it's actually a cordoned-off living room. Normally they're a huge space which if desperate could work. Other times it comes with weird rules like the one guy who stated no noise after 8pm. Not no cooking or no watching TV, no noise. Not even bathroom visits. There was more than one reason I declined that place.

So sadly it looks like my dreams of being in the Downtown area are being squashed. The only good news is that there is more than one happening area. This is not like new up-and-coming areas but there are other places that have noise and bars and shops and people my age that tick all of my boxes. And they're in my price range. So things are looking up.

The Other Stuff

I am obsessed with root beer. I buy lots of it.

I am in a coffee lover's dream world. Everywhere I look I am able to get a cup. It costs a lot so I save it for treats. And I get mad when they misspell my name.

Drinking costs a lot here. So when I do have a drink I savour it. I also have a new appreciation for ciders
and beers. You get a lot here and it's the cheaper option.

Canadians are still very nice.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Missing you. Mushfiqah is complaining that I don't listen to her when she talks to me. A.

  2. Missing you. Mushfiqah complains that I don't listen to her when she talks to me. A.

  3. love this post. You have only been there just over 2 weeks. Keep that chin up! !! love from cape town xx caro

  4. Good luck with the job hunting! In Joburg you don't get a reply either :(
    Those living conditions sound cray-cray. Eish!
    good old cheap beer! enjoy iy

  5. Love that you're being so honest about your experience. I'm also 27 and the issues you are having there is what's keeping me in SA.... how did you decide to leave?

    1. one day I realised I'd wake up and regret a lot of things. or I'd have kids and my whole life will change. and I wouldn't be the only one I had to take care of. So while I have some time I decided to make a change. It's hard, well for me anyway but I'm having the best time. I still get scared but it's been worth it so far :)
      hope that helps your decision.


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