Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fabulous New Blogs!

When you have nothing better to do at work because your job can be so tiresome and some of the people you work with have not developed social skills you ... read more blogs!

These are some new additions to the Skinny Bitches archives: - Hot Mama is someone I work with and someone I mention frequently when discussing my work life. Luckily for her, she doesn't have the same problems I do. Mostly because she's on maternity leave. She started her blog when she had her first child. But returning to work, having another baby and then taking care of two boys under two means very little time to blog. Luckily she's started again and now we can all read about being a young mom of two in the city.

Hele Says
- OMG! I am a beauty slut. Actually I am a wannabe beauty slut. Mostly because my budget does not allow it and also I am too scared to try new trends. That's where this amazing beauty blog comes in handy. Hele gives great reviews, does fabulous makeup and studies at the same time. She's one of my heroes!

Juz, Jax & El on Planet Capri - Three hilarious, creative flat-mates, who drink too much and then draw about it. What more do you need.

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