Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday's Mantra

This week we are independent women living in our new flat.
I believe in faith, push-up bras and fat-free sweets.
I'm addicted to Kloof Street.
I wish my co-workers didn't bug me so much.
I'm jealous of no one today.
Soundtrack/Mantra for the week Finally it's happening to me!


  1. Sooo, hows the new flat?

    One day we should meet up in Kloof street and have a coffee :)

  2. I just recently started reading your blog and I love it.

    And I love your Monday's Mantra idea so I borrowed it (and gave you credit, of course) on my blog today!

  3. I came over from Rachel's blog to read your Monday's Mantra post. Love the name of your blog! SO CUTE!!!

  4. Being Brazen - the flat is awesome, we'll post pictures as soon as I tidy my room!

    Rachel - thanks, that means a lot. going to read your mantra for the week now.

    Jessica - thanks for the blush-making things!

  5. How was the move-in? Trauma-less? Sounds like you're gearing up for an awesome week! (I would say something along the lines of GO GIRL! but I won't. Sorry.).


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