Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hugs For Everyone!

This post is just to say thank you to all the fabulous readers, followers and commentators of the blog. Thank you very much for the support and interest. We appreciate it mucho! We love our little blog and the fact that people even bother to read it, let alone comment and follow it means the world to us. In other words, you make our cheeks blush and our tummies feel all funny inside.

Also to all of those with blogs, thank you for making our day. When you have a mundane job, nothing makes the day better than logging onto blogger, getting a cup of coffee and reading the blog updates. I hardly ever log on over weekends 'cause the amount of updates on Monday makes the day so much more bearable.

Hugs for everyone!

Much love, SkinnyBitches


  1. sometimes a hug is all you need.
    thanks for the comment guys. much appreciated.

  2. awwww... thanks guys! I LOVE your blog! Keep writing!

  3. Hugs are good, but wine! Now there's something.
    Love the blog girls,
    Juz :)


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