Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Things For The New Flat

The Big Move is coming along faster than we expected. It’s only ten days to go and we’re starting to freak out a bit. Some more than ours eh Blue Eyes?! I started packing last night and what an experience. Basically I decided I’d start with all the stuff lying around my room. The stuff we have been buying for flat throughout the year. So it includes dishes for the kitchen, cutlery, pillows for the lounge, new photo frames…things that can be packed away in the meantime. I got tired after the first box. It did not look this bad on the Sex and the City movie. Granted they had champers and a killer 80s soundtrack. In the end I managed to fill six boxes of crap that had been cluttering up my room. The result, I now have six boxes filled with crap that are now cluttering up the space in my room. Trying to get to my boots this morning required me to perform some Mission Impossible-like tricks. I do not enjoy.

Packing up bits of my room made me realize how nice my new room is going to be. When I start decorating it. My budget does not allow me to start the “Make Room A Sexy and Sophisticated Place For Men To Wander Into” yet but I have already started thinking of the new things I want. Some of them are things I can afford. Others are not and are the things I can do without for awhile. So here is my new feature, Things For the New Flat. Basically it will detail things I want and things I actually need. Unfortunately I have to make a distinction. So the one thing I really want and will be getting as soon as payday comes around is heart mosaic mirror. My full-length mirror broke when I left my window open too wide and it was a really windy day. Doing my makeup in a half-length mirror while I stay with the parents, not a problem. In my new love shack, I do not think so. So I thought what better way to induce some good vibes than by presenting a heart mirror to the universal and in return they’ll send me Robert Pattinson. At some point in my life, I’m turning my bedroom into Moulin Rouge boudoir. And what better way to start than by getting this chaise lounge sofa. This is where I’ll be lounging oh-so-sexy in my dressing gown while watching Robert sleep (Yes this post is getting sadder by the minute).

If you have any suggestions as to where I can find either please let me know. Also if there is anything you think I should have in the new flat, you know what to do.

Thanks Bitches!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. i so want a chaise lounge sofa - good luck finding one...i would check second hand and antique stores...then you could maybe re-cover it

  2. Look around fleamarkets, second hand stores, pawn shops (i'm not giggling) and you should find all kinds of awesome decorating stuff as long as you're careful to disinfect everything first- I had a friend with a nasty bedbug incident once, she ahd to burn all ehr clthes and everything!

    Just be careful tht you don't get excited and buy another 6 boxes of (stylish) crap...

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