Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy Girl on Balcony

What a weekend. And I mean that in a good way. Well, almost. It started out great but then there were some weird moments. And now, I'm sitting in Blue Eye's cubicle while she is working and I'm pretending to offer to help her. I keep muttering shame, you look busy, yet I never get up to actually do something. ;) Since I'm clearly not going to help with her advertising admin, I'd better recap the weeken starting with Friday...

Friday was abosultely fabulous as we had our first official dinner party in the flat. But I do use those two words loosely. Basically The Gays came over for dinner and we watched Will & Grace! On Saturday we all got up at the crack of dawn to join a friend for a birthday breakfast. The best part was the weather in Cape Town. It was sunny and warm and we got to walk to breakfast. Good times. After breakfast we strolled around town, did a little shopping and then headed home.

Blue Eyes left to go and gamble her next rent cheque away at the casino and I stayed home. Everything seemed fine and rosy until 5 the next morning. This is where the title of this blog Crazy Girl on Balcony comes from. I was awoken to the loud banging of what sounded like a crazy person outside my bedroom window. On closer inspection, in my blurry-eyed state I thought I saw Blue Eyes standing on the balcony demanding to be let in. It was only later that I realised, Crazy person was in fact not Blue Eyes but a terrified and hysterical girl seeking help. Firstly I have to admit, I was weary I had heard of scams where they prey on woman using another woman to enlist sympathy. I had premonitions that Blue Eyes was going to come home, find me knocked out and most of our posessions gone. But nevertheless I opened the door and that's when it all began.

Turns out this girl was from Ireland, she was a volunteer and she had gone home with a guy she had met at a club despite her friends better judgement. She had blacked out, woke up and started to panic. The guy got aggressive, she got scared and legged it. She left her bag in someone's garden, she couldn't find her shoes and still she ran. Without sounding too preachy, ladies please do not ever do this. if you really want to get laid, do it at the club or at your place where there is someone you can call on if things go bad.

For the next hour I tried to calm her down, we called the police, the Irish embassy, her brother, the police again, her brother again and then we were picked up by the police. I had no desires to go to a police station. In fact the only time I had ever been previously was when I needed my ID certified for my matric exams. I'm so afraid I go there and they all look at me accusingly. I have catholic guilt and trust me, if I'm there too long I will confess to something. Saying that I couldn't leave her alone, so this was around 6.30 in the morning, I left to go to the Cape Town police station. After a couple of hours, dealing with many detectives and captains, some nice and some not nice at all, we managed to get somewhere. We also managed to get hold of her friends who were staying at a nearby hostel and they came to visit and comfort her. She turned out to not be so crazy in the end. I called her a couple of hours later and she was doing much better.

After 4 hours of weirdness I left the police station and went out for breakfast. French toast was very welcomed after all of that. The best part of the day, however was coming home to Blue Eye's cooking. She is amazing and her sunday roast was awesome. Thanks roomie. Today, we decided to inject a bit of culture into our lives and had fancy coffees, planned our housewarming and a trip to the museum. For all those in Cape Town, it's free on certain public holidays but only on the actual day. And now, we're chilling at her offices. She is working, I'm regaling my weekend tales. Good times.

Hope everyone out there had a tres eventual weekend too.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Wow! That is a crazy ridiculous story!

  2. Whoah, sounds like that turned out to be quite a night for you and the irish chick. Yet another example of why people must never go home with strangers.

  3. Hectic. Why are you not at work today?xx

  4. wow...and that stuff DO happen!!! we should always be so careful...i hope the irish girl's doing fine!
    to which museum did you go? oooooo, i love museums!!! :D

  5. And I thought MY weekend was eventful! I hope you recover quickly! And of course the coffee was totally required! it makes all things better!

  6. That's just crazy. Glad to hear she's OK.

    It still amazes me though that people would go somewhere foreign and do things like that.


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