Thursday, November 5, 2009

Running in Heels?

The job woes are coming through again. I’m starting to feel sad and unfulfilled in my current job. I’ve also started a list of things I’d do for a job at a magazine. Let me tell you the list is long. One thing not on that list is, “…would enter a reality TV show”. Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t love The Hills or Project Runway but I don’t believe me running around in heels while I try and impress an ice queen editor is going to get me the job of my dreams.

In the fashion of Running in Heels and Stylista, South Africa will be starting its own reality TV show called Style Apprentice where the winner will receive a paid internship, a new wardrobe, a laptop, cellphone and all the right accessories. As per any reality show, the contestants will battle it out on camera. (Read more about it here).

All of this sounds great but will somehow it doesn’t sit well with me. In past experience, you always seem to need a good back story or really bitchy tendencies to compete in a reality show. While I can be a bitch, the rest of me is pretty boring and I’ll probably have to make it up to appeal to the viewers. Which might get ratings but there goes my credibility. Also this malarkey about the contestants being housed together while they compete it out, so not for me. If I’m competing for a job with six other girls, I’m going to need my own place. Particularly somewhere where I can go and cry after a hard day of sourcing clothes and answering phones.

Nevertheless this for some reason just doesn’t appeal to me. I know where I want to be and am trying to get there but this does not seem like the way. Any thoughts?

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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  1. You could apply and if you get accepted- make the decision then! You sound entertining so I'd watch you on tv :)


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