Monday, November 2, 2009

Working For The Weekend

When the weather’s good (and you’ve just been paid), weekends tend to be fabulous. This weekend was one of those. On Saturday, with the gym being firmly ignored, we went to try out the new Lazari in the Cape Quarter. For some reason, breakfast is always better when you get an outside table and are surrounded by some beautiful people.

Then it was off to my niece’s birthday party. When it comes to kids, I always thought I’d had two, a girl named Boleyn and a boy called Conor. They’d be ridiculously good looking and smart and Boleyn wouldn’t have the hair problems I have to endure. I’d also send them to one of those uber posh schools and they’d learn five languages and do a collection of extra-curricular activities. Witnessing 25 kids high on sugar, dressed up for Halloween and fighting over cupcakes was enough to put that fantasy to rest. In the end though, aided by good food and lots of champagne, we managed to have a good time. This good time was spent behind a closed door, away from the noise and watching the 5th season of The Office.

Later that night, after some serious prepping, we headed out for some boy hunting. We decided that instead of complaining that no one loves us, we would be brave and make them love us. In other words, we would actually go up to guys and make the first move. This was a lot easier after we finished a bottle of champers and put on Wonder bras. The venue in question was The Dubliner, known to all of Cape Town as an awesome place to get drunk and dance to old music. This is also now known as boy hunting ground. Most of the patrons are foreign, which is great if you’re a sucker for accents. We danced the night away and then got kicked out when the lights came on and the last round was served. They say dancing is a good workout. Judging by the pain in my legs, we must have done the marathon equivalent. It shouldn’t be this hard to climb stairs. I’m hoping a gym session later will help.

Other highlights include an amazing steak lunch, some episodes of House and a party pack from Saturday’s party. Those were reason enough to go to a child’s birthday party!

Hope everyone else had a good one.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Sounds awesome! Gotta love wonderbra-courage! And dancing is a heck of a workout, so awesome that you had such a great tiime looking after yourself!


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