Monday, January 4, 2010

Back At Work - Sad Face is the day I start work after a fabulous holiday. Instead of being all grumpy gills like I was yesterday about the prospect (I threw a tantrum and was told to grown up) I have decided to be postive.

That is almost working. In all truth, it hasn’t been a bad day. I managed to find the will power to get up before the sun and go to gym. Considering I was in near comatose state, I’m not sure if I actually worked out or had a nap in the sauna room. Either way my pores are unblocked and my hair is frizzy. I then managed to get dressed, get my lunch and drive all the way here. I ignored all possible exits off the freeway and actually arrived at work. Things were going okay.

Now as it is my first day back, I thought I’d treat myself. If this were still the holidays, I’d be treating myself by staying in bed. But since I ran out of leave days and I like to think the place would burn down without me, I ventured to work and would have to make due with a different kind of treat. A much smaller one. Mostly because I cannot treat myself to Bradley Cooper and I used all my money on New Years. So I decided a latte would be the perfect way to start my day.

After a quick trip, I switched on my computer and waited for the gazillion emails to download. This was a nice way to begin the day, little work, coffee and half the people I don’t like in the office still on leave. I;m still trying to get into the day and have to admit am working as slowly as possible. I’m taking the opportunity that the little people in the office won’t notice that I’m filing, answering mails, uploading pics to Facebook and catching up on FML. There are some advantages to returning to work.

In few minutes, will be posting the mantra( It’s back bitches!) and recapping on my holiday. Until then, have a great day!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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