Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Things That I ♥

Good Times

Last week our office went out for a team-building event at LaserQuest. It was totally awesome to spend some fun time with the coworkers I like and I got to wear my jumpsuit and legwarmers which is always a good thing. I tried to use the name “Skinny Bitch” but it was just too long so instead I used Princess. Princess ended up coming fourth which I was really happy about it. Also the game was much more strenuous than I remember from my childhood days so I think I also lost a bit of weight. It would have been a plus if not for the pizzas and drinks we had after the game. The best part was hanging around in the bar afterwards and using the jukebox. Not sure what the allure of them are but I spent way too much money playing 80s songs and dancing by myself. Everyone else was playing pool but I’m crap at it. So I danced to Just Can’t Get Enough and You Shook Me All Night Long. Good times.

Bite-size treats

Chocolate covered romany creams. Romany creams are a chocolate biscuit with a chocolate bit in the middle. Now imagine them bite-size and covered in chocolate. I don’t think I need to go on.

Movies like Pretty Woman

Skinny Bitches watched this last night and realized apart from the whore part, we are so like the Julia Roberts character. We’re the type of girl who has random facts about body parts and the kind who sings Prince off-key in the bath and we’re totally the girl who says “Oh honey I got a runner in my pantyhose. I’m not wearing any pantyhose.”

Burberry Prorsum Autumn Show

The coats. The body con dresses. The thigh-high boots. The military theme. It’s tres love in the dark after lights out.

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