Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keep It Classy

As a Skinny Bitch in the Making, I am always looking to the finer things in life. So one day when I've "made it" I can finally live out my aspirations.

One thing I doubt I'll ever want or aspire to, is Chanel condoms.

Although they look fabulous and have the interlocking Cs, I don't think I'm prepared to pay over R2000 ($279) on luxury condoms.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

*Image from here and please note these are not official Chanel products.


  1. weird....I love Chanel, but i agree with you on this one

  2. Rather give me the real Chanel than the 5minutes of pleasure!

  3. Is that for real?? Would Chanel really put something sleezy on it like 'keep it classy'?? Doubtful, but amusing and next thing you know you think about Karl Lagerfeld when shagging...


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