Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Right Support - Competition Time

Some of us are blessed with straight hair and no spilt ends while some of us have the ability to sing; some lucky bitches, sorry, ladies out there can even claim to possess both of those attributes. I, on the other hand, can claim to have wild hair that only an industrial-sized bottle of serum and a GHD can tame and have been told on numerous occasions by the highest authorities (aka SingStar) that I am tone deaf.

Apart from that I do have one talent that I am pretty happy with. Well, maybe two. Being blessed with curves means they’re ample from my girls on top to my thighs down below. And even though they’re pretty special on their own, they still like to dress up. Which is why I was very excited to hear about this fabulous little product.

Whether you’re a lady who needs a little extra help down there or maybe you’re just looking for the best way to show ‘em off; this is the bra for you. Think of the After Eden Double Gel Bra as your new best friend. It’ll offer support when you need it, make you look good when you really need it, and most of all its er, environmentally friendly.

The Double Gel bra offers you double the support, can be worn in a multitude of ways and won’t show up underneath your t-shirt. Ding! Ding! Ding! Jackpot.

After Eden are offering one lucky reader an opportunity to win one of this magic makers.* And there are many ways you can do so.

To enter either leave a comment on this post saying why you really, really need/want one of these babies or follow After Eden on Twitter or become a fan of their Facebook page or visit their new site and tell which product you fancy. You can even do all of these just as long as you leave a comment on this post saying what you did.

*Unfortunately only peeps in SA can enter*

Good luck bitches!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. I need to get my pretty back! Having fallen prey to the dreaded office bulge (worse than the so-called "freshman fifteen" - trust me) I am desperately trying to get back into shape. The only advantage, and I really mean the ONLY advantage, to carrying this bit of extra weight around is that I have cleavage for once! If I succeed in conquering the scale, however, I will be back at square 1. Or a very small B-Cup, to be frank. So I would just love to own that double gel bra! With its 'support', I can be svelte and sexy and still stick to the salad leaves!

  2. I think I can beat this Sue, you see - you will look and feel even more sexy after you suceed in conquering the scale. I however have a cup A, even during fluctuations if weight gain. Even though I'm lucky that my boyfriend is an ass man, I still have zero clevage and therefore I don't get given the cool clients at work. So It's a double wammy, my income suffers too!!! Anyway, I think overall, my life would be better if my breats looked bigger. Lol!

  3. I seriously want to try this bra... I have small boobs and while I am ok with that (well, most of the time)... I sometimes long to fill out a dress in some of the "right" places and know what it feels like to have someone talk to my boobs instead of my face for a change

    I'd be so happy If After Eden could help me out...I'm sure my Boyf would be happy too - (After all they do say a change is as good as a holiday and my Boyf needs a holiday)

  4. I really want and need this bra!
    Want because it's beautiful and I love the fact that it won't show under tops and that it's environmentally friendly.
    Need because I have really small breasts and even when I gain weight (hallo winter overeating and no exercise) my breasts stay the same size. I would love to have a bra that allows me wear cleavage revealing tops and actually reveal cleavage!
    I (@annettevdm) also now follow @AfterEvenSA on twitter.

  5. Pick me pick me! I got an After Eden bra before (not this one) and it is insanely comfortable and I love it. I am also a small B-cup and as I exercise they get smaller and when I gain weight they stay the same and as an almost-6-foot girl it means that finding outfits that don't sag up top is almost impossible in my size.

    Plus I'm a student who works part-time to pay for petrol so it'll be years before I have the spare money to get one for myself... unless you help me get out of the mr price zone... (insert winning smile)

    So I am following on twitter and checked out the website, the grey double gel bra on the front page is beautiful as well as the purple satin-lace set.

  6. Hellooo, I liked the Facebook page and am now following After Eden on twitter. I could use one of these babies because while I have rather nicely shaped boobs, they are a little on the small side and can sometimes use a bit of a boost. Right now I don't have a boyfriend to lavish attention on my ladies, so it'd be nice for them to be spoiled a little bit :)

  7. Really, really need a new bra. And as you probably know, we only have a PEP in town and I aint going there to buy a bra!!

    Awesome give away.xxx

  8. How exciting! I've "liked" the FB page but the site and twitter links seem to be broken (although it could be my phone...) In contrast to the lovely ladies commenting above, I'm further to the right on the alphabet scale... Even when I lose weight I stay large (to say the least), but I've noticed that I need more support in that case! The bras look wonderful (from what I can see), and I'd be very happy to score one :)

  9. P.S. Figured out the other two options - duly followed and perused! My faves are the Liberty Balconette and the Double Gel (in white!)

  10. What an awesome giveaway! I follow them on Twitter @VintageLMag and I 'like' their FB group.
    Absolutely love the Double Gel bra <3

  11. Since becoming a chubby wubby, the "Twins" have decidedly grown & I am outgrowing my bras. I refuse to buy a bigger bra and they refuse to be tamed. But they still need support until I can lose some of this excess weight.

    So I NEED this bra because:

    I NEED a bra that fits me,
    I NEED some of my self confidence back
    I NEED to save people the unsightly cleavage muffin top! (can send photos as proof if NEEDed) ha ha, see how I threw that in there?

    And I WANT it because... well because I do!

    Thanks for the awesome and fun giveaway!


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