Tuesday, July 10, 2012


For some reason, the office I work in is the worst place for a mug to survive. Seriously, over the past couple of years I've seen mugs of all sizes, colours and with company branding either break or disappear.
I'm not sure what is the reason but this place is where mugs either commit suicide or are put to death.

Now this time, instead of paying a fancy branding company to put our company logo and our names on mugs, we're doing it ourselves. I know that sounds like something awful you'd find on Regretsy but it's a lot more fab than that.

Thanks to Buzzfeed, I found that if you use a magic marker on a mug and then bake for 30 minutes in an oven at 180 degrees, you can personalise your mug. How awesome - and easy - is that.

So armed with all the supplies, the peeps in the office have been busy customizing our mugs.

And I couldn't resist.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. Mine would say. I don't have PMS I'm a natural Bitch or Shut UP! I wear heels bigger than your dick.

  2. Awesome! So gonna do this.
    now, off to google some funny one-liners for my mug

  3. hah hah thats so cool, wanna try it too, thanks!!! :)

  4. hate 2B OCD, niggly, irritating, etc. but should it not be "DIY Fun", not DYI Fun (which doesn't make sense)

    just FYI: DYI is (apparently) "a 2D graphics library, very rich and expressive." according to Sourceforge, ask the very cute guys in tech to explain.

    1. thanks, have changed it.
      Sadly, no very cute guys in tech or even remotely cute guys ;)

    2. thanks. shame about the cute guys though, there is always a good cup of Tetleys Tea, Doughnuts (or something else sweet) and Wimbledon Re-runs to get you through the rest of winter...

    3. sorry, i meant muffins (i know u love them)

  5. more DYI fun @ CafePress http://www.cafepress.com/+mugs. Get all the lucky boys & girls one.
    Hey, do some "Skinny Bitches in the Making" personalized mugs and I might even buy one


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