Monday, August 20, 2012

The September Issue

Last month, on a rather dreary Monday I got a call that made me squeal and jump up and down. It was from Luisa at Marie Claire wanting to know if I’d be keen to take part, alongside other bloggers, in a fashion spread/challenge. It was about taking some of the more “out there” fashion looks and putting them on real people in real-life situations.

And of course my reply was like "Um, sure let me just check my diary, I think I'm shooting with Demarchelier that week." 

Obviously I was game. And this time I decided to cherish every little detail. If you’ve read the blog for more than a year, you’ll know I was already lucky enough to be featured in a bloggers fashion shoot for O Magazine.That was definitely one of my life's highlights. But I was so excited to spend the day surrounded by fabulous people (especially Robyn Cooke) and in the presence of Jimmy Choo shoes that I didn't really take photos. This time was different.

With a fully charged camera I arrived at the MC offices and immediately was beautified by Sylvie Hurford and Huey Tilley. I was going to be recreating this Marie Claire editorial:

So, cue the clown make-up. And clothes. And when the clothes are not Prada (which they were in the original shoot) have the tendency to make you look like a Bag Lady or at least an Olsen twin.


Nevertheless I was still having the time of my life. First up I got to watch the crew in action while shooting Leilah360 in this insane onesie do her thing.


Then it was my turn. We were going to redo the look at a bus stop. It may not look like it but it was freezing that day which is why I'm rocking this look with my jeans on. And we all thought the fashion world was glam!


After a couple of shots sitting down I got to do my thing and let my amateur schmodel shine. All those years doing the Vogue routine in my bedroom finally paid off.

Now the issue has finally landed. And it's the coveted September issue which makes this fashion nerd go cray cray happy.

Yes, in case you're wondering, they did use me for the cover as well.

And here is me! I have to say I really happy with the final picture they used and for making me sound awesome in the magazine. On the whole, the entire shoot is amazing and MC are clearly boss at what they do.

As you can tell, this is a very natural pose for me.

If you want to check out the full spread, it's available in shops now.

Major thanks and love to everyone who was part of the shoot especially Sam from MC who took all the behind-the-scenes pictures and interviewed me. Also check out her blog, she is awesome.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. you little superstar you! very well done!

  2. please don't think i am rude (even though i am a bit sarcastic)...though it didn't pop into my head immediately, after a 2nd look the 1st thing I thought was...

  3. I was soooo excited when I spotted you in the new Marie Claire. Well done lady! This is so awesome. xxx


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