Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Open Letter...(Musical Addition)

To the people involved in the Fame remake. I absolutely loved the original. It was gritty, it was real and it still had dancing. Any movie with any type of dance sequence is automatically placed in my Top 100. I saw the trailer for the new version and felt a bit queasy. Were they going to take my beloved Bruno, Coco and Leroy and turn it into High School Musical. (Ps. I heart HSM. I just didn’t want Fame to become a carbon copy). Skinny Bitches went to see the movie last night and I can report back that we are okay with it. It wasn’t HSM but it wasn’t Fame either. Yeah for Debbie Allen. Yeah for Karen from Will & Grace. And a big yeah for the hot boys. Much needed. But what happened to the street dancing? Leg warmers and my absolute favourite part of the original, when the graduating class sing The Body Electric. Also you can lose the Jenny character. Can you say bugging. A good movie but missing some crucial bits. If remakes continue like this what is going to happen to my adored Footloose.

To the people who wrote You Can’t Stop The Beat. Thanks for making the happiest song ever. Yes it’s totally cheesy and I’ll never know all the words. But whenever I hear it I smile and have to dance. Kudos.

To the Hollywood executives. Please whatever other remakes you do, do not touch Sound of Music. For me there will be no other Maria, no other Captain Von Trapp and definitely no other Liezel and the Nazi in the gazebo. If you must and I mean absolutely must remake it, will you please keep the Lonely Goat Herd sequence. Everyone loves singing puppets.

To the Mamma Mia! peeps. I am still not happy about James Bond singing ABBA songs. But I have learnt to deal. I am unhappy about you guys leaving out The Name of the Game and Under Attack. And I do believe there were much more shirtless hotties in the stage production. Not sure if you can bring out a re-mastered version but see what you can do.

To Hans Christian Anderson. Thanks. If you hadn’t written the Little Mermaid and if Disney hadn’t stolen it, I would never have heard the song Kiss The Girl. I can still watch it now and suddenly am feeling like my younger self. Happy. In love with Prince Eric. And totally dreaming to become a mermaid when I grow up.

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!

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