Friday, September 17, 2010

End of the Week Notes

*My new favourite show is Modern Family. It’s the perfect fill-in while I wait for the new seasons of 30 Rock and Glee. My favourite characters are Cam and Manny.

*Starting the day with a bacon and cheese crossiant from Jardine Bakery is awesome. My brother and I headed over for an early breakfast. They also serve Deluxe coffee which I love so it was a double score.

*It’s Blue Eyes’ birthday today. Happy Birthday to an awesome roomie and friend!

*This picture from The Sartorialist makes me want to buy lots of dresses and count down the days to summer.

*Peanut butter on toast is the bomb diggidy and my new favourite snack.

*Have found the motivation for gym. Stop going for four months and discover that you’ve gone from an hourglass figure to a blob. Then look at yourself in the mirror. Result? I’ve been to gym all week.

*Alphabeat is the happiest music you’ll ever hear. It’s even happier than ABBA.

Have a fabulous weekend bitches!

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. I love Modern family too. I have to get back to the gym, I miss my hourglass. Peanut butter is my favorite snack too!! Happy Birthday to your roomie! Have a great weekend girl!

  2. This is a very cool post, made me happy! Ah.. Modern Family is so funny... really dig it... The Latina chick is so funny.. love how she always gives advice.
    Happy birthday to Blue Eyes!
    P.S. Yum Deluxe coffee... mmmm

  3. Modern Family is so funny, Manny and Cam are definitely the best characters!

  4. I also love Modern Family, it is so funny, but Phil is such an idiot, though. He makes me cringe!


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