Thursday, November 25, 2010

Things I've Realised...

…I cannot keep blaming changing room mirrors, clothes that seem to shrink in the washing machine, bad genes and random skinny bitches for the fact that I’m overweight. At some point I need to put down the cheese and admit that I don’t work out enough or eat right. It’s taken scary photos at bad angles and skinny jeans bursting at the seams to make me realize that I need to re-think my habits. Any suggestions on how to motivate myself would be gladly appreciated.

…I’m getting closer to a happier work life. I could even say I was on my way to starting my desired career. Things are changing slowly and at times they barely move but they’re looking up. I have some very exciting things to look forward to and hopefully one day I can say “I love what I do!”

…I need a financial adviser. Every month I swear I’m gonna stick to my budget and save more money. Come the middle of the month and I have to do some stealing, um shopping at my parent’s place, restrict the social gatherings and go without new pretty things in my wardrobe. What’s even worse when I panic about not having enough money I tend to spend more. In my mind, spending calms me down and makes it all okay.

…I will definitely be making new year’s resolutions next year. I plan to stop being late for everything and instead be 5 minutes early. Except for fashion events, for those I’ll be a little bit late, tis the fashionable thing to do! I also resolve to be one of those annoyingly happy people. My optimism will be so great, you’d think it can cure cancer. Hopefully it will also be contagious and make a difference and all that nonsense :)

Ex-Oh! Ex-Oh!


  1. You can forward the motivation suggestions my way too. I so need to get on the healthy bandwagon!

  2. Love this post, it's so honest and real! I'm sure your 2011 will be amazing... full of happiness <3.
    Just drink lots of cappuccinos :). hehe. xxx

  3. sounds good :)
    nice post :)
    I also want to be early for stuff - I am working on it slowly but surely

    Betty Bake

  4. So a small diet coke, small popcorn and no sweeties on the side then?

  5. haha! I have that pic as a *note to myself* on my blog. So far that note to myself is KIND OF not working so well. But I try.


  6. With you on the budget thing. *sigh*

    P.S You going to the Bloggers event?

  7. It's like you're in my head and stuff! I agree on everything, I can relate...
    Except for the being late part...I'm always early...too early!

  8. Oh my word - that sounds JUST like me!

    I also spend more than I have and make myself feel better and buy more (Ok I must admit, I have been REALLY supper good with spending for the last couple of months - all part of my plan to get out of debt)
    Being late..... oh boy, I am always late.

    So don't ask me for advice.... but I do sympathise with you! :-)

  9. Get a Dog, you'll be to distracted by the dog to go out and over pend and playing with him/her will burn calories and when you run with him/her you'll burn calories.Pets fix everything.

  10. i use to track everything. It's not foolproof, but I find that having a handle on exactly how much I need to exercise every day makes me think harder about what I eat.

  11. Cut out sugar and wheat. It may seem like a big deal at first, but weight just falls off. And eat lots of protein - don't starve yourself! And do exercise that you love. Go for walks and runs in beautiful Cape Town - it is much more enjoyable than boring gym!
    Good luck! The bottom line is that health is wealth :)


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